Status Reports

Your status reports provide an overview of the computers and users in your account.  View what computers you have installed SentryPC as well as uninstall remotely from any of them.  You can also remove entire computers from your online account if you wish.


All computers you have installed SentryPC are shown along with whether they are using a license or not.  If you have installed SentryPC on 10 computers, but only have 3 licenses then the first three you installed to will use your licenses - it is first come first serve.  You can see the order in which they were installed with the order column.

You can remotely uninstall the SentryPC software from any computer by checking the computer and clicking the 'uninstall' button in the top right.  The status of the computer will go into an 'uninstall pending' status until the software has been uninstalled.  For instance, if the computer is not actually 'on' at the time you uninstall it will be pending until the next time the computer is used.  When uninstall has occurred the status will be changed to 'uninstalled'.  At this time the software is no longer present on the computer, however, because there are logs present for it in your account it will still use a license.  We recommend downloading the logs from this computer and then using the delete option described below at this time.

If you wish to delete a computer from your account just mark its checkbox and hit the 'delete' button in the upper right.  Note that deleting a computer will remove all settings, logs, screenshots, etc for that computer.  These cannot be restored once deleted.  Also important to note is that the delete function only removes the computers logs from your account.  It will not uninstall the SentryPC software.  With that said, if you delete a computer from your account without uninstalling SentryPC from it, it will be added back to your account the next time a user logs in to that computer, however, its installation order will now be at the end.

  • This shows the order in which the computers were added to your account (the order in which the software was installed).
  • License?
    This shows whether the computer is currently using a license (yes is blue, no is black).  You can only use SentryPC on as many computers as you have licenses.  Only computers using a license will be available in your account to view/edit activity logs and other settings.
  • Computer
    The name of the computer as setup in Windows.
  • Version Installed
    This shows what version of the SentryPC software is installed on this particular computer and if it is the latest version or not.
  • Active Users
    This shows how many users from this computer are listed in your account.
  • Last User / Last Activity
    This shows the last user who was active for the computer and the date/time of that activity.

View the sync status of your users on this page.  Whenever you change settings for a user such as their time management schedule, a website filter, or any other SentryPC automatically syncs these new settings with the computer.  To do this the computer must be 'on' so the computer and your account can communicate with each other and for the sync to occur.  So what happens if the computer is not on after you change settings?  Nothing... until the next time the computer is on.  As soon as the computer is available to communicate with your account the settings will be synced.  With that said, the settings are still applied 'immediately' regardless if the computer was on or not.

As all settings are synced automatically this page is purely for information purposes as it shows the last time a users settings were synced and if you have settings which have yet to be synced (pending status).  It can also be useful for debugging installation issues (usually not properly setting up the antivirus scanners on your computer) as it will show if and when syncs have occurred.

  • Username
    The name of the user account as setup in Windows.
  • Computer
    The name of the computer as setup in Windows.
  • Status
    Shows the current status for this user... synced or pending sync.
  • Last Sync
    The date and time this user's settings were last synced with the computer.
  • Last Changed
    The date and time this user's settings were last changed in your account.
  • User Added
    The date and time this user was added to your account.