About Us

SentryPC originally started in 2001 under the name of Access Control Software.  We instantly became leaders in time management and user control software, however, at this time we did not offer any activity monitoring features with our product.  Devoted to creating the best solution available, in 2005 we partnered with one of the leading computer and Internet monitoring developers in the market to recode and rebrand our software from the ground up.  This collaboration and rebranding became SentryPC as it is known today.

Now with full activity monitoring and enhanced filtering, SentryPC became a 'total package' solution for anyone looking to monitor, filter, and restrict computer usage.

SentryPC has a wide user basis consisting of parents and home users, businesses, law enforcement, libraries, schools, and many others.  Whether you are a concerned parent, employer, or other... the uses are endless.

for Business

Small and large businesses are using SentryPC as an employee monitoring software for various reasons — increasing productivity, conducting investigations, ensuring appropriate overall use of the computers, and so on.

for Family

Popular with parents as a parental control software, SentryPC is used by families all over the world to protect their children.  Prevent cyber bullying in its tracks, protect them from online predators, bock inappropriate content and much more.

for Schools

Schools are using SentryPC as school monitoring software to ensure their students are using the computers and Internet as intended.  Eliminate questionable activity and guide them to productive study habits.

and many others …

We have seen our software used in many different situations as a solution to a problem.  If you need to monitor, control, and filter the activities of your computer's users then SentryPC is the right choice for you!

Over the years our products have received numerous awards from various websites and media outlets.  We were featured in PC World by one of their editors — at the time being the largest circulated computing magazine in the world.  Kim Komando, a nationally recognized talk show host, has also included us in her book 'Guide to Computer Security & Privacy' as a recommended parental control solution.  During this time Kim had over 10 million weekly listeners.

If you have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to answer any that you may have.