Activity Viewers

These allow you to view specific activities occurring on actively monitored devices as they happen in real-time.

These viewers are no different than their 'activity log' counterparts, and the data is exactly the same, but might present the results differently (whether visually or through sorting) and have the ability to automatically refresh results.


This shows events such as websites viewed, programs started, etc.


Includes the action, filename, and date/time of the activity.  Actions include copied, created, deleted, printed, and renamed.


Shows keystrokes typed including the window title they were typed in and how many total characters were typed.  Click on 'show more' and 'show less' to toggle between the entire keystroke log recorded.


As new screenshots are added to your account they will be shown upon refresh.


Includes type (incoming/outgoing), the contact, the text message, and date/time of the activity.