Current geofencing settings for every user of every device is displayed here.  Geofencing allows you to set a 'home' location/address along with a distance (radius) from that point to create a circular 'fence'.  When the user enters/exits the fence an alert will be created in your logs.  To do this SentryPC periodically checks the device's geolocation as provided from the device itself.

IMPORTANT : Location services must be enabled in the device's operating system for geofencing to function.  When geofencing is enabled it will list SentryPC as using the location services of the device.  If you want SentryPC to operate as 'hidden' as possible you may not want to enable geofencing for this reason.

Compatible with :


This where you will create, edit, and view the current geofence settings for a particular user.  You can apply settings to any number of users you select at the same time if you wish.

  • Enabled
    This determines if geofencing is enabled or not for the user.  When disabled there will be no geolocation obtained from the device or alerts created in relation to the fence. Conversely, when enabled geolocation will be obtained periodically and alerts will be created when the user enters/exits the fence you created.
  • Fence Center
    This is the 'home' location/address you have set for this user.  This is the center of the user's fence and all distances are calculated in relation to it.  A readable location/address is shown if available along with the latitude and longitude values of this point.
  • Fence Radius
    This is the distance (radius) from the fence center that determines how big the fence is.  You can choose to enter this value in miles or kilometers.

This is where you can view the most recent geofence information for the user.

  • View Map
    Click to view the last recorded geolocation of the device and the user's current fence on a map.
  • Last Location
    This is the last recorded geolocation of the device as a latitiudinal/longitudinal point along with how far from the fence's center that location is.
  • Last Fence Status
    Whether the device is inside/outside the fence in relation to the last geolocation recorded.
  • Last Updated
    The date/time of when this information was last updated/obtained from the device.