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Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, NT, and 200x
Mac OS X 10.6+ and all macOS

24/7 Remote Access in the Cloud

SentryPC is completely cloud-based.  Just login to your secure online account to view logs and change settings.  Your account is available to you at all times regardless if the actual computer is 'online' or not.  You can access your account from any device with a web-browser — be it another computer or laptop, phone, tablet, or other no matter where in the world you may be!

Access anywhere anytime

Your secure online account is accessible at any time from anywhere in the world.  Use any internet-enabled device to login, view logs, and change settings.  Your cloud account is updated in real-time and any changes you make are processed immediately. screenshot secure login two-factor login

Centralized management of multiple PC's and users

Unlike other software where you can only view one computer or user at a time, SentryPC shows you ALL computers and users at once.  You can search, sort, and filter the results how you wish.  From your online account you can view logs and manage settings for an unlimited number of computers and users without any hassle. computers users

Real-time activity viewing and management

Your cloud account updates in real-time as activities happen.  View keystrokes, screenshots, websites, programs, games, and more as they are happening.  Any content filtering or time management changes you make will be applied in real-time as well. events files keystrokes screenshots

Two-factor authentication

For added security you have the option to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for your account.  When enabled this requires a second form of authentication, a time-based one-time password (TOTP), which you will obtain from another device (typically your mobile phone or tablet).  When 2FA is enabled you will need to login with your username/password followed by your 2FA token — only when both are valid will you be logged in to your account. settings two-factor login

Idle timeout

As a security feature for your online cloud account there is a user-configurable idle timeout setting.  When you are logged into your cloud account and have been inactive for the specified amount of minutes you will automatically be logged out of your account.  This prevents unauthorized access and viewing should you happen to walk away from your device while logged in. screenshot

Account activity logging

For added security all account related activities that occur will be recorded as they happen.  Activities include account changes, subscription changes, logging in, logging out, downloads, password changes/resets, enabling/disabling 2FA, computer installs/uninstalls, and many more.  Each includes the IP address that initiated the activity, details, and timestamp. screenshot

Activity Monitoring & Recording

SentryPC includes extensive activity monitoring and recording of virtually everything users may do on the computer.  Every activity recorded includes the exact date and time the event occurred as well as the duration of the activity.  This detailed reporting system is necessary for preventing harmful and/or unwanted use of the computer and Internet all while showing you exactly what users were doing while using the computer.  All of the monitoring features listed below can be turned on/off for any user of the computer — this allows you to monitor only certain activities, all of them, or none at all.

Alert logging

Every alert that occurs will be recorded along with its type, activity, details, and timestamp.  Types include any activity that is blocked due to the content filtering rules you have in place for the user (applications, keystrokes/phrases, and websites) and any custom activity alerts that have been triggered. screenshot

Application usage logging

Log every application or game a user runs, as well as how long they actually interact with each application so you can determine if a user is actually using a program they have opened, or if it is just running in the background idle. screenshot

Clipboard logging

The clipboard is what Windows uses to store copy/paste content.  All content copied to the clipboard is recorded along with the computer, user, window title it was used, date/time it happened, and the full content of the clipboard. screenshot

Events timeline

The events timeline includes all types of different events performed by users in one listing.  Easily view what users did what in chronological order.  Events include applications, websites, windows, blocked activities, location changes, idle activity, monitoring activity, and much more. screenshot

File activity logging (Windows only)

All file activity is recorded including the action, filename, and timestamp.  Actions include copied, created, deleted, printed, and renamed. screenshot

Keystrokes typed

Record all keystrokes made by the user along with the window title they were typed in, how many total keystrokes were typed, and when it occurred. screenshot

Location (IP) logging

Record the IP address and approximate location of the computer.  Includes IP address, latitude, longitude, city, state, country, postal code, and timestamp.  You can also view the locations on a map for easy viewing. screenshot map example

Online searches

Online searches made by your users, such as using a search engine, will be recorded.  This allows you to easily see what your users are searching for and where they are doing so.  The website the search was performed, the phrase searched, how long they actively used that page, and the timestamp are included.  screenshot

Portable drive logging (Windows only)

Whenever a portable drive is detected as being connected to the computer it will be recorded along with the computer, user, drive letter/name, and date/time it was detected.  This is especially useful for seeing who used a thumb drive and when, but all 'portable' drives will be detected. screenshot

Print job logging (Windows only)

All print job activity is recorded along with the filename that was printed. screenshot

Screenshot capturing

SentryPC can take snapshots of your desktop at set intervals of time, allowing you to visually see what is happening. The screenshot viewer also has a built in slideshow and controls for easy viewing.  Screenshot capturing is dual-monitor capable. thumbnail view list view

Session logging

Every computer session is recorded along with the total session time, active time, idle time, and when it was started and stopped. screenshot

Website usage logging

Every website visited is recorded along with the start time, stop time, and how much time the user interacted with the website during that time.  'Dark web' activity through the Tor browser is also supported. screenshot

Window usage logging

Log the title of each window users interact with while using your computer. screenshot

Overview summaries

Quickly see a summary of what is happening with all the computers and users in your account.  The 'activities' overview summarizes activity and usage  through easy-to-read charts and tables.  The 'locations' overview shows a clustered map with all location data and details.  The 'screenshots' overview shows you the latest screenshot for each computer so you can see what is currently happening (or happened last) on every computer at once.   activities overview locations overview screenshots overview

Activity reports

Besides your normal logs you also have access to activity reports.  These give a quick overview of various activities and usage within your account.  For example, the applications report shows the top used applications including the amount of times they were accessed, active time, idle time, total time, and averages.  All reports can be grouped by your entire account, by computer, or by user.

We currently offer the following reports : activities, alerts, applications, applications (usage), clipboards, events, events (type), files, keystrokes, locations, online searches, portable drives, print jobs, screenshots, sessions, websites, websites (domain), websites (usage), and windows. example 1 example 2 example 3 example 4

Create visual charts

Create visual charts of your account's logs.  You select the date/time range, what computers/users you want included, and finally what type of chart you would like to create.  All charts can easily be printed or downloaded in the following formats (csv, jpg, pdf, png). example 1 example 2 example 3 example 4 example 5 example 6 example 7

Content Filtering & Restriction

Another important aspect of SentryPC is its extensive content filtering features.  Filter applications, games, keywords, and websites on a per user basis.  Select on what days, and what specific hours of the day, the filter you define is allowed or blocked.  All content filtering features have their own additional options such as enable/disable, alert user, close browser, etc.  You can even setup automatic alerts by email to notify you instantly when a user activity has been blocked or a custom alert has been triggered.

Activity alerts by keyword/phrase

Create custom activity alerts by keyword or phrase.  If any of these keywords are found in a newly added activity log, SentryPC will create an alert with the activity's details.  These are non-blocking alerts and will not affect the user of the computer in any way.  For example, you could add your phone number as a keyword and an alert would be created every time your phone number is found in any newly added activities for that user.  You also have the option to be notified by email when these custom activity alerts are triggered. screenshot

Alert notifications by email

If you wish, SentryPC can notify you instantly via email whenever an 'alert' activity happens such as blocked applications, games, keywords, websites, and your own custom activity alerts you have setup.  Select which activities you want to be notified by email, how often, and for each user. screenshot

Application filtering

Filter any application or game for any user.  Select what hours on what days it is allowed or blocked. screenshot example filter

Keyword and phrase filtering

Enter specific words or phrases that cannot be entered by users.  For instance, enter your children's name, address, phone number, etc. and whenever they are typed the window will be closed instantly.  This ensures confidential information cannot be shared with others through email, websites, and other forms of communication. screenshot

Security options

Security options allow you to enable or disable access to various activities for each user.  These include : disable access to the computer entirely, bootkeys, clipboard, clock/date, control panel, desktop, external drives, file copying, logoff, mouse, network, run, start menu, start menu change, shutdown, taskbar, and task manager.  Options available vary between Windows and Mac. screenshot

Website filtering (categories)

For quick and easy website filtering we offer category filtering.  Filter entire categories of websites for specific users in one click.  We currently offer the following categories : aggressive, dating, drugs, file sharing, gambling, gaming, job search, media, porn, sex, shopping, social, violence, weapons, and web mail.  We also offer word categories which will block the website when offending words are found on the page.  These categories include : adult, profane, and racism.  The sensitivity of this filter (number of offending words found that triggers a block) is controlled by you. screenshot

Website filtering (user-defined)

In addition to category filtering you can also specify your own website urls to allow or block during specific hours of each day of the week.  Enter any website address you wish. 'Dark web' activity through the Tor browser can also be filtered. screenshot example filter

Time Management & Scheduling

One of the most important features of SentryPC is its time management ability.  For each user account of the computer you can specify on what hours on what days they can access the computer.  In addition to this schedule you may also set a 'maximum allowed' time for each day and the week as a whole.  For instance, you can allow access to the computer on Monday from 8am to 8pm, but only allow a maximum of 4 hours of use between those times.

Time management

Enable or disable time management for any user.  Specific maximum hours of allowed usage for each day of the week and the week as a whole.  Choose what day your scheduling will reset as well as if you wish to alert the user their time is running out. screenshot settings

Daily scheduling

You can schedule what hours the computer can be used for every day of the week. screenshot

Stealth Operation & Remote Installation

SentryPC operates in complete stealth by default and can be remotely installed without physical presence needed for installation.  The install happens instantly and the computer and its users will be available in your online account where you can view logs and change settings.  You can also remotely uninstall SentryPC through your online account, again, without physical presence necessary.

Stealth operation / invisible

SentryPC is designed to be invisible and secure.  Using minimal CPU processing cycles, SentryPC is not visible in any way to the user, and records and updates all logs and settings without any user notification.  SentryPC does not reveal itself to the user on your desktop or Program Files folder and will continue to run when your computer is restarted.  It is important to note that for 'true' stealth operation you should not enable the optional 'user alerts' in your settings such as alerting a user their allowed time is about to expire.

Cloaked installation

The installation module that is executed on your PC will install a copy of itself that is hidden so it cannot be disrupted/removed.  The created module file you use to install SentryPC on the computer is able to be discarded and deleted without affecting the installation.

Remote deployment and installation

You have a few different options when it comes to installing SentryPC :

Email deployment

Send the install file by email to the remote computer.  It only needs to be executed for installation to occur — there are no confirmations, dialogs, or anything else required.

LAN / Network deployment

Easily deploy over a network through network shares or logon scripts.

Physical deployment

Physically install yourself by executing the install file on the desired computer(s).

Remote uninstall

Uninstall SentryPC remotely through your online account from anywhere in the world.  Just choose the computer and click uninstall. screenshot

Easy to Use

SentryPC was created with ease of use in mind.  Our simple layout and interface will make using the program a snap for even novice computer users.  We include full support with the purchase of the software as well as resources here on this site as well as your online account.  If for any reason you are having trouble installing or using SentryPC you can always contact our staff for assistance.

Intuitive interface

Easy to use, graphical user interface, with an easy access icon and menu system that allows you to quickly, and efficiently view logs and configure filtering and time management rules. screenshot

Always updateable

You will always have access to the latest version.  At any time, you can download the latest version of SentryPC from within your online account.  We will notify you whenever a new version is released and all you need to do is download the latest version to update your computer(s). screenshot

Log downloading and archiving

On every log page and reports page you have the ability to download the information.  Just click on the 'download' button where you can select the date range and users you want to download.  Your download will be in .csv (comma-separated values) format for easy storage and importing into your favorite software.  You can also download these logs all at once using our 'create archive' function which will create the logs you choose and download in a compressed .zip file. screenshot

Searching, sorting, and filtering

Every log, chart, report, and settings page allows you to sort columns by ascending or descending order, search all values, and select date/time ranges to 'drilldown' even further on a specific section of time you may be interested in.  View results for all users of all computers, users on a specific computer, or a single user on a specific computer.  You can easily filter results to only those you wish to see in seconds. date/time range computer selection user selection type selection

Subscription management

You have full control over your subscription.  Edit your contact information, change your amount of licenses or plan, turn on/off automatic renewal, and purchase additional screenshot storage all from your account. screenshot change

System Requirements

  • Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, NT, 200x (both 32-bit and 64-bit) supported
  • Mac OS X 10.6+ and all macOS supported
  • 1MB hard disk space
  • Email address (required for online account)
  • Web-browser and Internet connection (log transmission and online account access)
  • SentryPC can only be installed on computers you own and have authorization to monitor and control

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