Activity Alerts

View activity alert logs, change alert notification settings, and view your pending alert notifications waiting to be sent.

You can sort, search, and delete all activity alert logs.  To sort just click on the column title for ascending or descending order.  You may also sort by multiple columns by holding in the shift key on your keyboard when doing so.  To delete logs mark the checkbox for each record you want to delete then click the 'delete' button in the top right.  You may also make use of the 'select all' and 'deselect all' buttons for quicker selection.


All activity which has been blocked such as applications, keystrokes, websites, etc. will be shown here including the date the block happened.

Notification queue

All pending alert notifications are shown here including the alert details, approximate time it will be emailed to you, and the last time a notification was emailed for the user.  Pending notifications are determined by what types of alerts you want sent to you and how often they can be sent - these options can be changed on a per user basis in 'Notification Settings'.  You can also delete pending notifications from the queue at which point they are removed from your account and will not be sent by email.

Notification settings

Current notification settings for every user of every active computer is displayed here.  To change settings for a user just click the 'edit' button for the user you want to change.  Where applicable DISABLED () and ENABLED () are shown.

  • Enabled
    Determines if notifications will be sent or not.  If disabled all settings for the user are disregarded and no alert notifications will be sent.
  • Applications, Chats, Keystrokes, Websites
    Enable or disable the selected alert type for that particular user.  When enabled, every time a filter/block has been triggered for that alert type you will receive an email detailing the alert.  For example, if you are blocking '' for a user and have websites enabled you will receive details each time '' is blocked for this user by email.
  • Email Rate
    This is the minimum rate, in minutes, at which you want to receive alert notifications by email for this user.  For example, if an alert that you want to be notified of occurs at 7:00 and your email rate is set to 60 minutes you would receive an email detailing this alert almost immediately, however, any further alerts that occur in the next 60 minutes would not be sent until 8:00.  This prevents you from receiving large amounts of email regarding alerts while still notifying you it happened.
  • Last Notification Sent
    This is the time at which the last notification email was sent for this user.  This time plus your email rate is the next available time a notification email can be sent.