Activity Alerts

View activity alert logs and create custom activity alerts.

You can sort, search, and delete all activity alert logs.  To sort just click on the column title for ascending or descending order.  You may also sort by multiple columns by holding in the shift key on your keyboard when doing so.  To delete logs mark the checkbox for each record you want to delete then click the 'delete' button in the top right.  You may also make use of the 'select all' and 'deselect all' buttons for quicker selection.

Compatible with :


All current alerts will be shown here including the date/time the alert happened.  Alerts include all blocked activity as well as any custom activity alerts that have been triggered.


Current notification settings for every user of every active device is displayed here.  To change settings for a user just click the 'Edit User' button for the user you want to change.

  • Enabled
    Determines if these alerts are active or not.  If disabled all settings for the user are disregarded the keywords will not trigger any alerts.
  • Keywords
    If any of these keywords are found in a newly added activity log, SentryPC will create an alert with the activity's details.  These are non-blocking alerts and will not affect the user of the device in any way.  For example, you could add your phone number as a keyword and an alert would be created every time your phone number is found in any newly added activity for that user.  Remember, you must enable these for the user to be active.