The overview pages give you a summary of various activities in your account to quickly see what is happening during a specific date/time period.


The Activities Overview is a quick and easy way to get an overall picture of your account and the activity within it.  Use the date/time range picker in the top right to customize the results shown to a specific date/time period.  You also have drop down options available for some of the results to further customize the display and/or show different content.


The Locations Overview shows you the the location entries currently in your account for the date/time period selected.  All locations are clustered on the map which can be zoomed in/out, reset, and so on.  Click on any map marker to zoom in and/or get more information.  Use the 'Add Current Location' button to add your location to the map as a reference point.  Clicking on the 'View Map' button for any location entry listed will zoom in to that location on the map.


The Screenshots Overview shows you the latest screenshot for each computer in your account.  This is a quick and easy way to visually see what is currently happening (or what last happened) on all the computers in your account.  You can also select a date/time in the past using the selector — your results would then be the most recent 'up to' the date/time you selected.