Using SentryNet

SentryPC offers an easy to use subscription service called SentryNet.  SentryNet is an extremely large database of adult/pornographic websites.  When SentryNet is enabled, SentryPC will disable any of these websites if the user of your computer tries visiting them.  No filtering settings are needed — it is a totally transparent filtering mechanism that requires no configuration.  SentryNet can be enabled by clicking on the 'SentryNet' tab in SentryPC's filtering settings.

How it works

SentryPC will constantly monitor what websites a user visits on your computer.  Every time a website is visited it is verified against our online SentryNet database.  If the website is found in our database then SentryPC will immediately disable it from use.  If a website that you think is harmful is visited by a user, but not blocked by SentryNet, you can submit it to our database for possible inclusion from within SentryPC's website log viewer.