Welcome to SentryPC

Congratulations on choosing SentryPC!  SentryPC is a comprehensive monitoring, filtering, and access control software package that allows you to perform the following :

  • Control how long users use your computer
  • Control when they can use your computer
  • Control when users can use specific programs
  • Filter and block unwanted programs
  • Filter and block unwanted chat clients
  • Filter and block unwanted websites
  • Filter and block typed keywords
  • Monitor and record all user activities from what they type, to who they talk to, and what websites they go to
  • Protect your users

SentryPC can be utilized by :

  • Parents wanting to protect their children
  • Parents wanting to control their children's computer usage
  • Employers wanting to keep their employees on task
  • Educational institutions restricting students activities to school work
  • These are only a few potential uses!

Using our Help Documentation

Simply click a topic in the panel to the left to display all relevant information about that topic.  All topics are explained in detail and are all accurate and up-to-date.

Admin Control Panel

System Requirements :

  • SentryPC supports Windows 200x, NT, XP, Vista, 7, or 8