Antivirus Exclusions

Some antivirus scanners will misinterpret the monitoring aspects of SentryPC and will block and/or remove its files from your system claiming it to be malicious of nature.  Of course, SentryPC is not malicious in any way, however, this causes SentryPC to function incorrectly.  You may or not be given an error message on your screen by SentryPC due to this issue.

Step 1 : Folder or files which need to be excluded.

All popular antivirus scanners have an exclusion list which you can modify in the antivirus scanner's settings.  What this does is allow you to 'exclude' specific files or folders from being scanned by your antivirus scanner.  Add the appropriate files/folders to your antivirus scanner's exclusion list to prevent it from tampering with SentryPC and ensure proper operation.  If you are unsure how to do this we suggest you refer to your antivirus scanner's help documentation or contact their support for instructions on how to exclude files as all antivirus scanners differ.  For instructions on some of the most common antivirus scanners please CLICK HERE.

If you have not previously installed SentryPC on the computer then you should not be following this guide.  Rather, you should be following the Installation Guide.

If your antivirus scanner allows folder exclusions : Based on your Windows version exclude one of the following installation folders.  Folder exclusions include everything within that particular folder so there is no need to list files individually.

  • for Windows 7, 8, 10, & 11
    • C:\ProgramData\spc\

If your antivirus scanner does NOT allow folder exclusions and requires specific file exclusions instead : Based on your Windows version exclude the following files.

  • for Windows 7, 8, 10, & 11
    • C:\ProgramData\spc\csrss.exe
    • C:\ProgramData\spc\loc.exe
    • C:\ProgramData\spc\services.exe
    • C:\ProgramData\spc\spcchat.dll
    • C:\ProgramData\spc\spcksys.dll

If your antivirus has built-in website filtering and/or a firewall : You will want to allow/whitelist the following website domains.


Step 2 : Reboot your PC.

Now that you have added the correct files to be excluded you will want to restart your PC to ensure the settings take effect on your machine.

Step 3 : Reinstall SentryPC. (optional)

If you had previously installed SentryPC and are correcting your antivirus scanner(s) settings then you will now want to reinstall SentryPC on your computer.  Now that its files will no longer be tampered with by your antivirus scanner(s) from the above exclusions reinstalling will ensure that all necessary files are indeed installed and in an unmodified state.  You can refer to the Installation Guide for reinstalling where the exclusion step will not be necessary as you have already done this above.