Affiliate Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive regarding the affiliate program.  If you have a question not listed here then please contact us for assistance.

Yes, you can!  Unless otherwise noted, you can change the landing page URL for any of the promotional links found in your account.  You can also use the 'Tracking Link Generator' to create a customized generic tracking link with the landing page URL of your choosing.

Custom URL Requirements :

  • The landing page URL must be from our site ie.*.  For example, if you wanted to directly link to the 'Plans & Pricing' page you would use as the landing page URL.  The specific promotional link must also allow custom URLs to be used — most have been set to allow this.

Linking directly to the purchase pages :

  • SentryPC (user-defined licenses) -
  • SentryPC-50 -
  • SentryPC-100 -
  • SentryPC-250 -
  • SentryPC-500 -
  • SentryPC-1000 -

Important Reminder :

  • When using a custom landing page URL in any of your promotional links make sure to test them.  If you attempt to use an invalid or malformed URL the system will automatically use as the landing page.

Yes, you can!  Our 'user-defined licenses plan' allows customers to enter how many licenses they wish to purchase on the order page.  By default this will show a quantity of 1, but you can change this value to whatever you wish by adding an additional parameter to the landing page URL.  In the example below we are defining a default license quantity of 5 with the addition of 'q=5', but you can change this value to whatever you wish.

It is important to note that the customer can still change their license quantity regardless if you set a default value or not.

Setting default license quantity for user-defined license plan :

  • SentryPC (user-defined licenses) -