Are your employees being unproductive?

With all the abilities the computer and internet provide us today there also comes abuse — especially in the form of lost productivity in the workplace.  It happens all too often that employees will abuse their privileges causing lost productivity for the company, deadlines not being met, and an overall longer time to complete the job at hand.  This accounts for an enormous amount of money lost each and every year which many companies do not even realize if they are not actively controlling it.

Is it time to start controlling and monitoring your employees?  Will you benefit from an increase in productivity?  We think so and the time to start is now!

See what the statistics say …

64% of employees say they visit non-work related websites each and every day on the job.  Of these people, 39% spent one hour or less, 29% spend 2 hours, 21% spend 5 hours, and 3% spend 10 hours or more... per day.

Internet surfing of non-work related nature results in up to a 40% loss of productivity each year for American businesses.

85% of employees use their company email for personal reasons (both sending and receiving).  10% of all employee emails are personal or unrelated to the workplace.

70% of all pornographic website traffic occurs during the nine to five workday.

92% of stock trading happens during the work day.  Many employees admitted to trading personal stocks at work as it was the only time they could.

37% of employees say they constantly surf the internet while they are at work.

30% of employees said they watch sports online while at work.

25% of those surveyed said they have shopped online while at work rather than doing so at home.

46% of workers said they actively look for a new job on the internet during work at their current job.

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