Monitor, filter, and control all user activity.

SentryPC combines award-winning computer monitoring software with essential content filtering, time management, and access control features to create an all-in-one software solution for concerned parents and employers.

 for Parental Monitoring

Find out why SentryPC is the parental control software of choice among parents worldwide for monitoring and controlling the computer activities of their children.

 Parental Monitoring

How will you use SentryPC?

With SentryPC's extensive feature set it can be used in any situation where you need to monitor and control your computer's users and their activities – home or business.

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 for Employee Monitoring

Used as employee monitoring software, SentryPC allows employers to monitor and control the computer activities of their employees and increase overall productivity.

 Employee Monitoring

A better way to monitor, filter, and control your users.

SentryPC is a completely cloud-based computer monitoring, content filtering, and time management software wrapped into one!  You control what your users can do and when they can do it all while recording everything they do on the computer.  Read more to see why SentryPC is the #1 choice for concerned home and business users worldwide!

Real-time cloud-based operation.

Everything from viewing logs to changing settings for your users is done in real-time through your secure cloud-based account.  Your online account can be accessed anytime, anywhere, from any internet enabled device including another computer, laptop, phone, tablet, or other.  You always have real-time access to your users logs and their settings, no matter where you are, in the cloud.

Monitor and record everything they do.

SentryPC's computer monitoring features will log every activity your users perform on the computer.  Record keystrokes typed, websites visited, applications and games used, chat and social messages, locations they are using the computer, file activity, and much more.  All logs are available to you at any time to view, search, sort, and download.

Extensive content filtering.

Control what applications, games, websites, and chat messengers can be accessed.  You can even filter specific keywords and phrases from being typed - phone numbers, addresses, or anything else you wish.  All filtered activity triggers an alert you can view with full details in your account.  You determine what each user can do and when they can do it.

Easy scheduling and time management.

Create weekly schedules during which your users can access the computer.  Specify at what times the computer can be used as well as a maximum allowance of usage for every day of the week.  You can also set a 'total' allowance for the entire week.  You choose when each user may or may not use the computer.

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Just a few of the features you will receive with SentryPC ...

Find out why SentryPC is the #1 choice of home and business users worldwide!

Cloud-based Access

View logs and change settings remotely in real-time through your secure online account from any internet enabled device.

Real-time Operation

View user activities in real-time, as they happen, right in front of your eyes.  Apply user settings instantly to the remote computer.

Central Management

Manage any number of computers and users from one central location - even if they are spread over different locations and networks.

Activity Monitoring

Record all applications, games, chats, keystrokes, websites, and more including date, time, and amount of usage.

Content Filtering

Block specific applications, websites, chats, games, and keywords at all times or only during specific hours you choose.

Time Management

Create a weekly schedule detailing what hours the computer can be used along with daily and weekly usage limits for each user.

Screen Captures

Silently record screenshots of the user's desktop for later viewing.  See exactly what they saw on the comptuer's screen.

Location Changes

Track the approximate location of the computer including the IP address used and a visual map of the location.

Top Usage Reports

View in-depth usage reports detailing what activities are occurring the most and by what users.

Award-winning computer monitoring.

Monitor and record everything your children and employees do on the PC.  Know exactly what they typed, what programs and games were used, websites visited, chat conversations, and more - all sorted by the user and timestamp.

Extensive content filtering and blocking.

Filter programs, games, websites, chats, and keywords for all users.  Completely block filtered content or only allow it during certain hours of the day.  You can also optionally alert the user when a block has occurred.

Time management and access control.

With SentryPC's time management you have complete control over when users can access the computer and for how long.  Specify access hours for each day of the week as well as daily and weekly usage time limits.

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