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Take control over your users by monitoring, filtering, and controlling all aspects of their computer usage.  SentryPC is the #1 choice of concerned parents and businesses worldwide!

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Protect Your Children

Control games, apps, websites,
time limits and more!

Use as Parental Control

Real-time Access in the Cloud

View activity logs securely online
in the cloud at any time!

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Control Employee Access

Protect your business and
ensure proper PC usage.

Use as Access Control

A better way to manage your computer's users.

The most comprehensive access control software available, SentryPC combines award-winning monitoring features with essential restriction tools like computer usage scheduling, activity filtering and restriction, and behavior reports to create an all-in-one software solution for concerned parents and employers.

SentryPC gives you total control over applications and gaming, website activity, chat messenger usage, and virtually any other activity that can be performed on the PC.  Detailed behavior reports summarize exactly what your children or employees have been doing on the computer and Internet so you can take further action if necessary.

  • Activity Monitoring

    Monitor and record all keystrokes, websites, games, programs, chats, and more along with timestamps.

  • Time Management

    Select what hours the PC can be used along with daily and weekly time limts for each user.

  • Content Filtering

    Block specfic websites, programs, games, and keywords at all times or only during specific hours your choose.

  • User Management

    SentryPC uses your existing Windows user accounts so you can specify custom settings for each user of the PC.

  • Screenshot Recording

    Silently record screenshots of the users desktop for later viewing.  See exactly what they saw on the PC's screen.

  • Online Cloud Access

    Our Plus version allows online access to all recorded activities and screenshots from any internet enabled device.

... and much more!

View all of SentryPC's features now by clicking the button below or download the trial and try it out on your computer first!  Installation takes a matter of minutes and you can be up and running in no time.

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Record what they do

Monitor and record everything your children and employees do on the PC.  Know exactly what they typed, what programs and games were used, websites visited, chat conversations, and more - all sorted with timestamps.

activity monitoring

Block what you want

Filter programs, games, websites, chats, and keywords for all users.  Completely block filtered content or only allow it during certain hours of the day.  You can also optionally alert the user when a block has occurred.

content filtering

Schedule their usage

With SentryPC's time management you have complete control over when users can access the computer and for how long.  Specify access hours for each day of the week as well as daily and weekly usage time limits.

time management

What are you waiting for?  Take control of your computer with SentryPC!
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